Dylan McKie Realtor

Dylan McKie assists real estate powerhouse Bradford Moody. Under Bradford’s direction, Dylan facilitates clients in renting, buying and selling residential properties. He excels in knowing the inventory in the Savannah market. Dylan is charismatic and personable, characteristics that ease a client’s potential anxiety that may arise within a transaction.

Dylan studied mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University and is studying Business Management at Georgia Southern University. Dylan firmly believes that we can learn something every day, whether it be in school or in the real world. He believes problems that arise in day-to-day life are opportunities for problem solving and creating a solution.

Originally from Highland Village, Texas, Dylan grew up playing sports and being outdoors. Sports and coaching has greatly impacted his determination and dedication to being successful in a competitive real estate market. After moving to Savannah, Dylan found himself falling in love with all that the 100 mile coast has to offer. He sees Savannah as an up-and-coming city with huge potential. He now lives near Daffin Park and loves being outside and making new friends. In his free time, he volunteers with Habitat for Humanity in downtown Savannah. 

Office (912) 233-6609
Mobile (972) 978-4168
24 E. Oglethorpe Avenue, Savannah, Georgia

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